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Why Hollywood Branded Created This Summit

A Message From Stacy Jones, Founder + CEO of Hollywood Branded

Hi, I’m glad you stopped by our About Us page! I am sure just like me, you’re ready to get back to the real world. And I created this massive summit to help make that transition, smoother. 

A few months ago, starring at yet another Zoom team meeting, with so few updates on progress on, well, much of anything other than the few client accounts that remained, I realized we needed a new plan. Not JUST because I didn’t want to pay my team to do next to nothing, but because we had an opportunity to actually make a massive impact and help our clients, our agency partners and our agency followers.  Marketer’s Content Playbook virtual summit grew into this now reality over the last three years from my interviewing hundreds of business and marketer thought leaders on my podcast, Marketing Mistakes (+ How To Avoid Them).   

I have built an incredibly educational agency over the last 13 years – between our 5x a week agency blog that reaches over 30k people monthly, to my weekly podcast Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them), and our countless e-books, videos and even online certification programs for social influencer, celebrity partnerships and product placement courses. Our interns get weekly ask-me-anything sessions, and we often stop to share with clients tools and tricks of things that are helping to better drive our agency, and which may help them be better at theirs.  So you can say that I have an inclination towards teaching and extreme appreciation for thought leadership.


The Power Of Content Marketing – It Changed My Business, It Changed My Life

And it can change yours.  It is a no brainer that content marketing is the backbone to every marketing and advertising plan, for any size or type of company.  My agency creates product placement partnerships in Hollywood content for brands of all sizes – because being part of those storylines, and the association with the stars, provides higher engagement and brand awareness than many other types of advertising. The ROI from the partnerships we build certainly lasts longer than a single ad buy, as this is entertainment content that keeps on being consumed, year after year, all over the word.   When our clients are seen in a series, film or music video – they see website traffic hikes, requests at retail, social media chatter, and sales.  The same occurs with our influencer marketing programs, where our brands experience the massive benefits of becoming part of influencers’ daily lives – regardless if they are tiny or celebrity-sized.

Content marketing works.

And at my agency, Hollywood Branded, we have experienced the power of what content marketing has done for our own growth, driven from our blogs, podcast, online classes, and the workshops that I teach.  Content marketing is directly responsible for bringing in MILLIONS of dollars to our agency.  It has allowed us to establish an expertise at a level so high, that clients come to us already familiar with our agency, and ready to buy.  It has changed the sales game. Daily, our sales team gets inbound new business calls set up not from pounding the pavement and dialing for dollars – but from having generated thought leadership and expertise all powered through the content we create and share. 

And for myself, as a thought leader of my industry, content marketing is the reason why I am personally a go-to source for major media outlets like Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg, WWW, Financial Times, Instyle and other familiar names all over the world, where I get interviewed on topics ranging across product placement integration, influencer marketing, celebrity endorsements and branding.   

Content marketing is the reason why both I and my agency went viral last summer when I spoke with first one, then dozens more of media outlets about that coffee cup in Game of Thrones.  In fact, thanks to those interviews, my agency’s name and mine were shared by over 1,000 media outlets, getting over 4 BILLION impressions – a value in the PR world of over $68 million dollars.  And yes, it immediately drove sales and opened new doors for my agency.  

That is, until Covid-19 struck. And we lost everything we had been building overnight.


The Origins Of The Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit

That day I mentioned before, staring at the Zoom screen, I realized my agency needed a new plan. I also knew our clients, interns and agency followers did too. Because a lot of us were in major trouble.

New domain name secured, our speaker outreach began, where my team and I tasked ourselves to carefully curate 100 leading thought leaders across content marketing, and advertising and pop culture specialists, to present their expertise on how to get OUT of this mess of marketing, new business generation worries, and just place of FEAR, that all those other companies, all their employees, all those newly graduated college students were feeling and struggling – just like we were.

I wanted to help thought leaders, these owners and executives of agencies, and brands, and services, and production companies who help brands market better – also be able to make it to the other side of this craziness of Covid-19, and provide them with a MASSIVE platform where their voices are heard. Because I know how much being a thought leader who is heard can change your business, bring you global press, and make clients come to YOU instead of your having to keep on pitching and pitching and pitching.

And to give business owners, established or rising brand marketers, students and professors a chance to use this moment of time, where life is still not back to normal, to stretch themselves, to gain more knowledge, to see what updated marketing practices others are doing, that are driving businesses and making other companies millions.

And you now what? We did it.  This event is full of such awesome thought leaders.  In fact, it is GINORMOUS. It has taken our team the last three months working round the clock to bring this event together. And we DID IT!

Now, you just need to sign up.  There should be nothing stopping you. It is FREE.  Give yourself this opportunity to level up your learning and knowledge.  Now is the time to choose the path to your future, and we are going to make sure you have the tools you need along the way.



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