The Marketer's Content Playbook Virtual Summit

How To Do Content Marketing… Better!

TRACK ONE: Creating Your Own Content

(Blogs, Books, Podcasts, Videos, & More...)

TRACK TWO: Getting Your Advertising Right

(Insights + Tools To Ensure Success)

TRACK THREE: Leveraging Pop Culture Content Partnerships

(TV, SVOD, Film, Music, Celebrities + Influencers)

There are a lot of options and ways to reach consumers today – and many mistakes you can easily avoid, if you just know what to do. 

This virtual summit will provide brand marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs,  professors and soon-to-graduate college students with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed - and stand out - in today's crowded marketplace.




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The Marketer's Content Playbook Virtual Summit

You Will Learn The Knowledge And Tools You Need To Build From Scratch Or Update Your Own Customized Content Playbook Blueprint For Success!

The Marketer’s Content Playbook virtual summit has OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUGHT LEADERS joining us over our THREE-DAY EVENT starting on TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH, 2020! That is OVER 50 HOURS OF CONTENT specifically created for you to learn from.  You choose the classes that will make the biggest impact for you.

Our speakers are some of the top thought leaders from the world of brands, agencies, media, influencers and Hollywood, who are giving you the incredible gift of their time, as each and every one of them is speaking to you - for free.  Out of their goodness of their hearts.  They will be providing phenomenal presentations and conversations to our attendee audience of entrepreneurs, brand and agency marketers, recent graduates and students.

We have presentations, and interviews, and panel discussions. And we have tech proofed it, so the kids down the street all watching Disney + don’t take down a Zoom presentation you were really into. In fact, all sessions are pre-recorded with live speaker Q&A as an option to participate in directly following each playbook session.

Create your content marketing blueprint plan


Get Ready To Cut To The Chase And Find Out How Other Companies Are Doing Content Marketing Right!

Join the Marketer’s Content Playbook virtual summit where the top minds in the industry will provide you with unparalleled insights, how-to advice and actual real-world case studies that moved the needle in action-packed bite size sessions designed to maximize both your learning opportunities and time.



This Summit Is Created To Help You

Marketers now more than ever need to get their message right.  And to share it in the right way.  To be a leading voice, a leader, and an action taker.  You need to show that you hear your consumer, and that you are there to help, while you still manage to get your marketing message across so you can actually make sales happen.  And still manage to tell your brand’s story, and get it heard.

Gen Z and Millennials, the biggest and most sought after demographics by marketers, require it.  You are risking being left in the dust if you don’t stay up to date, and figure out this whole marketing and advertising game, that has recently been impossible to truly master. There are many mistakes, some of them potential business and career killers, that you can easily avoid, if you just know what to do, and our speakers are here to help guide you. We want you to not just survive, but thrive in today’s crazy mess of our Covid-19 world. 

Our Topic Tracks

The virtual summit offers a focus on three different content marketing tracks:

  • Building your brand’s own content (creating ads, blogs, videos, podcasts, books and more!) 
  • Getting traction in advertising (case studies, insights, tools and best practices) 
  • Leveraging pop culture content and influencer partnerships (best practices, case studies and more!)

And we’ve just added a fourth really important focus section on how brand marketers can navigate the current landscape of marketing during this time of social justice reform, and what you as a brand marketer need to be aware of in leveraging the power of your voice to help end systemic racism.  Regardless if you choose to be a voice of change, or to stay silent, you need to be aware of the risks that may happen to your business if you choose to ignore this call to action – and how to handle it as a brand marketer.




You need to be a jack of all trades nowadays as a marketer.  And it’s hard to stay up to speed when you’re overworked and tired and have spent the last oh-so many years chugging along from meeting to never ending meeting, trying to fit in all the must-do’s versus trying to find time to gain more education to stay up to date. 




Business owners, executives and entrepreneurs are worried about keeping their business going. How to bring new business in, how to get noticed through the massive amount of advertising out there, how to even come close to matching sales from last year.  What happens when you run out of the Payroll Protection Plan, what happens if you have to do severe layoffs, where you will be back to doing everything in your business, never getting sleep again? And how do you even manage messaging in this extremely microscopic time where anything you say will be picked apart, and you are walking on eggshells, afraid that you will make a move that will potentially losing you even more customers, more business, continuing the out of control downward spiral your business is in. And you wonder if you will even have a business in not a years’ time – but in a matter of months.  You don’t know if you will be able to keep the team you still have.  And you want to.  You want to thrive.  But you don’t know when Covid-19 is going to end, or what’s the next surprise around the corner, or at this point, really what right move you should be making for fear of offending.




Established brand marketers working at businesses and agencies of all sizes are worried about keeping their current job. Thanks to remote working and how slow everything has been, many employers are realizing that their staff are not actually performing, nor have the  knowledge to jump into other roles that might help keep the company running – and are making severe job cuts.  Your job is now in potential jeopardy unless you have the skills to help.  And there are about to be a lot of laid off brand marketers who are going to be knocking on your manager’s door for your job, and willing to accept even less money than you are paid, if you don’t have the skills you need right now to stay relevant, but you just have not ever quite found the time to learn.  The digital world changes quickly with new algorithms that can cause your previously successful marketing campaigns to become dust overnight.  New social platforms are popping up left and right, as are new ways to measure and track campaign performance. In fact, the very real deal is that the 20 something year old who was hired last year knows a lot more than you about the digital and social world than you do – and will soon be gunning for your job.




Career builder marketers who are just getting started, and you are that 20 something year old who was looking forward to a fast rise to fame, until Covid-19 hit, and now you don’t know what to think.  Life is upside down. Dating sucks right now with bars and restaurants keep closing.  And you may lose your job in the near future.  You know that if you can get just a little more insight, just a little more education, just a little more hands on experience, just a little more mentorship, it would be a game changer right now – and that the job you have been eyeing is absolutely yours for the taking. Or at least you get to keep the one you have. Or you realize that you are going to be the first to lose your job since you were one of the last hired if you can’t quickly show some massive value. You just need to have access to great educational tools to improve your value.




College students are having the worst time of their lives, having to pause adulting as you move back home, with the task of figuring out how to stand out and differentiate from not just your peers, but the hundreds of thousands of people recently made jobless – all vastly more qualified and experienced than you are.  This was supposed to be some of the best years of your life.  And all you feel is uncertain, and scared.  You know that growing up using social media isn’t going to be enough to land you that job.  You are at an extreme disadvantage, and even internships where you work for free are super tough to get. And you are starting to realize that your college didn’t prepare you for this new world, and everything just totally sucks right now.  You’re never going to get a job and be able to support yourself at this rate. Unless you do something about it.




Professors know you need to keep one foot in the professional world in order to have all of the most up to date marketing skills – especially digital, needed to make sure these students you are trying to help craft into future marketers leave college ready for the real and now scary world.  College campuses are shut down, teaching has become even more difficult.  And you need to have new knowledge to keep these students motivated and engaged in your lectures.  

This Summit Can Change Your Life.  Seriously.

We know this virtual summit has the potential to change your life.  And in fact, it WILL change your life.  All you need to do is show up, and be ready to listen and learn.  You will leave with the tools you need to stay relevant today, and to make a massive impact in your business. 


Build Your Own Customized Content Playbook With Our Blueprint How-To-Do Session Summary Guides

Experience a unique event that brings you carefully curated content topics, and the best recruited experts and real life practitioners who live and breathe content marketing every day

Join Hundreds Of Fellow Marketers

this august 2020 - tuesday 4th, wednesday 5th, thursday 6th
marketer’s content playbook virtual summit takes place from the comfort of your own home, balcony, backyard, bed or possibly even your office -imagine that!


August 4th, 5th + 6th 2020

You’ll join hundreds of fellow marketers at this massive content marketing event designed to inspire and empower you with know-how and ideas




For marketers, it’s getting even harder to stand out in today’s world of over abundant ads and content everywhere you look.

Which is why Hollywood Branded is bringing you this opportunity to get FREE ACCESS to over 100 speakers with 50+ hours of educational content that is giong to know your socks of.  And each of these speakers is gifting you their time – they aren’t being paid – and giving their knowledge, to you, in order to help you keep thriving and growing – and surviving in this messy messy world we are in right now.  So your business can stay in business.  So you can keep your job.  So you can have a future where you are not just ok, but you are in fact, thriving.

What Makes This Event Different?

Here's what makes the MARKETER'S CONTENT PLAYBOOK virtual summit unique

Incredible learning opportunities from some of the best minds in advertising, marketing, business and Hollywood.

Develop your own customized Content Playbook with our turnkey Blueprint How-To-Do Session summary guides.

No fluff or time wasters! Each session includes valuable and easy to understand “How-To-Do” actionable advice and/or detailed case studies.

Highly valuable, pitch-free content.

From the moment you log-in you will receive a first-class conference experience - before you even arrive you’ll know what sessions you can join and never be left wondering what to do or where to go.

COVID-19 free - stay safe and healthy from your home or office while you learn in a relaxed environment.


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