How To Drive Conversions From your Content  

In this content playbook session, SoloSegment’s Senior Strategist, Mike Moran, shares how to drive conversions from your content.  As we all shift from face-to-face to shelter-in-place,it’s clear that in-person events and in-person sales won’t be what they were anytime soon. Many companies are reporting driving more traffic to their website, but not more leads or sales. That’s likely due to your visitors not finding what they are looking for. The decreasing cost of AI technology now lets many companies create experiences like Amazon’s where excellent site search and excellent content recommendation leads to sales. Find out what you need to know to create a better customer experience to drive more value out of the content you already have. There are even ways to do it without needing any help from your technology team, so marketers that want to supercharge their existing content should not miss this session.

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