How To Create Podcast Content That Serves Your Audience: It’s Not About The Mic

In this content playbook session, The Podcast Partnership’s CEO, Paul Colligan, shares a sure-fire formula for podcast success: serve your audience.  The old adage “find a need and fill it,” still works in business, and podcasting is no exception. Success in podcasting doesn’t come from picking the right mic, distribution schedule, interviewee, hosting platform, or format; it comes as the surprisingly simple benefit of serving your audience well. Whether your audience is looking for entertainment, personal insight, business direction, or knowledge of a specific topic, if they can find it in your show, your podcast can succeed, and you will profit from it. Learn a time-proven system to serve your podcast audience that works regardless of the technology you use. Once you have this model and focus, the rest of your podcast strategy will fall into place…and the impact will follow.

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