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An Opportunity For Thought Leadership

After three years and over 200 episodes of hosting our agency’s podcast Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them), we have decided to bring our audience a new learning opportunity through our Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit

We have received tremendous positive feedback from our listeners, who are thankful for the diversity of show guests and the various points of view and topics that the podcast provides, and we are continuing that theme with this virtual summit held from August 4th – 6th, 2020

We are very excited to bring this new format to our audience. Initial conversations with both potential speakers and attendees have been extremely positive – plus everyone is delighted that the conference is COVID-19 friendly and travel-free! 

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Your presentation will be pre-recorded, and presenters have the option to participate during their assigned virtual summit time slot for LIVE Q&A during the August event.

Free Event Access

The summit will be free for attendees and they can participate live or view the presentations within 24 hours. Alternatively, All-Access Passes offer unlimited access to all of the conference presentation recordings.

Have Questions?

Think You Have Some Awesome Insights To Share And Are Interested In Submitting Yourself As A Speaker?

Fill out the following link and someone from our team will review and get back to you.


The three-day virtual summit will offer a variety of presentations focused on the theme of How To Do Content Marketing – Better.  The content marketing theme will be curated around three tracks focused on how-to or case study sessions, panels, workshops or tools to make the creation of content better, the results more successful and just overall…easier.

The Three Content Marketing Tracks Include

I. Building your brand’s own content for inbound marketing (blogs, videos, podcasts, books, etc.)

II. Crafting content for 3RD party owned advertising platforms (across TV, digital, print, out of home, and more)

III. How to better leverage pop culture content partnerships (via celebrities, influencers, TV, film, digital, music, podcasts, and more!)

third party content

TRACK 1: Creating Your Own Content
  • Blogging For Your Company + Building An Audience
  • Getting Your Book Written + Published
  • Branded Content For Advertising – Digital – Print – TV
  • Creating A Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Retail Displays + Point of Sale Materials
  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok + Twitter
  • Tools That Help
  • Webinars
  • Website – Design, Chatbots, SEO
  • + More
third party content
Advertise Your
TRACK 2: Getting Your Advertising Right


  • Advertorials
  • Digital Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Print & TV Media Press Mentions (How To Get Them)
  • Tools That Help
  • TV Advertising
  • + More!



pop culture
Pop Culture Content
TRACK 3: Leveraging Pop Culture Content Partnerships


  • Celebrity Partnerships
  • Co-Promotional Partnerships With
  • Entertainment Properties
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Esports
  • Celebrity Driven Event
  • Sponsorships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Music Partnerships – Festivals – Licensing
  • Podcasts – Advertising + Guest Speaking
  • Product Placement + Brand Integration In TV, SVOD, Music and Film
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tools That Help
  • Video Gaming
  • + More!




Presenter Information

With all of the fantastic speakers and attendees we already have lined up, this is an excellent opportunity to build and better establish your own thought leadership, while sharing your industry experience, case studies and know-how!

  • Your presentation will need to be pre-recorded and sent to us (by July 10th) to make summit week stress-free. No worries about technical issue fails or too many kids in the neighborhood limiting internet bandwidth due to their streaming content while out of school.
  • You can include a 2-minute pitch at the end of your presentation.
  • You can use your own presentation slide deck, or to make to make it easier, we have created a Presentation Slide Deck Template that you can fully customize. Make sure you read the instructions below so you don’t overwrite the master template.
  • It is an option, not required but highly encouraged, to attend your live presentation slot to interact with attendees in the chat (there will be a 10-minute Q&A after each presentation).
  • You’re welcome to reuse your presentation afterwards for anything you’d like.
  • You are encouraged to create a worksheet word-doc “blueprint” to go along with your presentation providing a high-level bulleted overview with Q&A’s to allow attendees to think about what you have shared, and better be able to incorporate your suggestions and experience into their own content marketing plan. Can’t figure this one out? No worries, our team can help!  Each session is accompanied by this takeaway and idea generator, helping make this conference truly unique.

Panel + 1×1 Interviews

Session Participant Information

If you are participating in a panel or 1×1 interview session, we will be conducting Zoom video interviews in June and early July.  All you need to do to prepare is show up for the video interview call!


For Presenters + Panelists

Provide your basic information so we can tell everyone how amazing your presentation will be – bio, headshot, topic, presentation title, links, etc. You can visit this link to get started.

Provide a pre-recorded 20 to 30-minute presentation (how-to, case study walk through or workshop) that fits within the overarching theme of content marketing aligning to one of the 3 topic tracks.

If you are not quite ready to lead a seminar on your own, then participate in a curated panel or 1×1 interview discussion that will be pre-recorded and streamed during the virtual summit. 

Or… be a speaker AND panelist! It’s two very different experiences.

Promote the summit to help drive attendance through your socials, colleagues or email lists. We have an affiliate program that will provide incremental revenue for anyone who uses your custom code who signs up for the All Access Pass that provides unlimited access to all recorded sessions after the live event – details will be provided to participating speakers.

The virtual summit will additionally be advertising and marketing the summit to attract additional attendees.


More Helpful Tools For You

Get Access To The Speaker’s Presentation Template

We have created a presentation template in Canva for you to customize if you don’t want to start designing from scratch.  Feel free to modify, delete and add to your hear’s content.  After you open this link – https://bit.ly/MCPTemplateSlideDeck please do not to make edits directly (or you will modify the template everyone has access to). 

Do the following instead:

1. Once the design is open in the Canva editor, click File on the toolbar.

2. Select Make a copy. A copy of the design will then open on a new tab.

3. Close the tab of the original shared design, rename and make edits on the copied version!

4. Send to us as a PDF to include in the presentation as well.

Recording Your Presentation

One of the easiest ways to record your presentation is by using Zoom (they have a free version.)  Use the slide presentation you have created in Canva, ‘share’ your desktop while recording, and walk yourself through your presentation (while still recording!)

You can choose to have the camera on, or off if you don’t want to include your smiling face.  If you are on camera, check your chin and neck – you don’t want it to be in the very bottom of the frame.  Your head in the center of the frame is ideal.

Download the recording, upload to a content hosting platform as it will be large, and send it over to us (Dropbox or Box work great to host), and you are all set!

Panel Or 1×1 Interviews

Tech Tips

We record on video on Zoom, and if you use a microphone and headphones it will make you sound even better. 

Make sure you find a place where you won’t be backlit – having soft light coming at you from slightly above and behind the computer screen’s camera towards your face is a trick influencers use to make themselves look even better! 

And check your chin – you don’t want it to be in the bottom of the frame.  Your head in the center of the frame is ideal.

Have Questions?

Think You Have Some Awesome Insights To Share And Are Interested In Submitting Yourself As A Speaker?

Fill out the following link and someone from our team will review and get back to you.

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You will leave our 3-day summit armed with the tools you need to make your own content marketing efforts even more successful.


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