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We have experts from the world of brands, media, influencers and Hollywood joining the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit this August!   Each of our speakers is carefully curated based on their expertise and ability to teach. There are no ‘fluff’ sessions nor hard sales as part of this conference.  

Speakers Include…

Liz Willits



How Product Placement Can Be The Backbone To Your Content Marketing Strategy

Stacy Jones is the Founder and CEO of Hollywood Branded, as well as the creator and host of the podcast, Marketing Mistakes (& How To Avoid Them) with 24+ years of experience in creating brand partnerships with pop culture to drive awareness and generate sales.


How To Get Past The Myths Of Content Creation To Build With Real Value

In this content playbook session, Adobe’s Executive Creative Director, Adam Morgan, dives in to the myths of content creation, and provides strategies on how your brand can build content with real value. 


How To Maximize LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: Advanced Strategies

In this content playbook session, B2Linked Founder and LinkedIn ads expert, AJ Wilcox, shares advanced strategies on how brand marketers can maximize LinkedIn ad campaigns. LinkedIn Ads feature, hands-down, the best B2B targeting on the planet. It’s also unapologetically expensive, meaning that any mistake becomes an expensive one. Join AJ Wilcox as he walks you through advanced strategies that you can use today to get the most out of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns. We’ll focus on achieving scale and performance while minimizing costs. Using these strategies, you’ll become the marketer whom the sales team worships.

aj wilcox



From Funny To Money: The Science of Selling With Humor

In this content playbook session, Humor That Works’ CEO, Andrew Tarvin provides insights on how to use humor to achieve better business results. Let’s face it. There’s a sea of boring content out there and a desert filled with bad sales and marketing that fail to engage customers and deliver on goals. Fusing humor into your sales marketing campaigns may be the exciting oasis you need to connect with customers and keep them coming back for more. Sales are about skill, timing, and practice. So is humor. Marketing is about messaging, relevance, and connecting. So is humor. The combination of all three is game-changing. This program covers the science-backed skills, mindsets, and strategies necessary for today’s sales and marketing professionals to excel at the next level.

park howell



How To Apply A Product Mindset To Content

In this content playbook session, Founder and CEO of Acciyo, Anum Hussain, will teach attendees how to apply a product mindset to content. Anum has spoken on topics such as SEO within content marketing and building a B2C2B content strategy. As a female founder, she is well-versed in subjects on how startups can build content playbooks or think through how to prioritize content. 


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need Applied to 2020

In this content playbook session, SparkPost’s Director of Strategic Insights, April Mullen, will explore Abraham Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs” through the lens of content marketing. 

Marketing academies often reference Abraham Maslow’s famous Hierarchy of Needs, which is based on his 1943 paper “A Theory of Motivation.” In it, Maslow shared his theory of human psychological growth in humans, called the “hierarchy of needs.” Given how important content is in marketing, we’ll explore how this concept can help the needs of your customers and serve as a content strategy framework.


How To Use Data Driven Testing To Scale Ad Campaigns

In this content playbook session, Ratz Pack Media’s CEO Azriel Ratz shares the steps need to use data driven testing to scale ad campaigns on Facebook, and discusses the mistakes most often made by brand marketers.

azriel ratz



How to Report on Global Trends Through Video Streaming

In this content playbook session, Business Insider’s Senior Writer, Ashley Rodriguez, will share with attendees how to best report on global business and marketing trends, solely through video streaming.


How To Design Effective And Organic Video Marketing Strategy Across The Full Content Journey

In this content playbook session, Engage Video Marketing’s Video Strategist, Ben Amos, shares step by step the 4 core goals for video across a full-funnel video strategy, giving examples of types of videos to use at each stage of the funnel.  Attendees will leave the session with a roadmap for strategic online video for their business so they are confident in knowing what videos to create, and how to use them to engage with the right customer at the right time online.

Christina Garnett



The Good, The Bad, The Ugly… And The Future Of Influencer Marketing

In this content playbook session, Sylo’s Co-CEO and Co-Founder Brett Garfinkel will speak on the current state of influencer marketing. He will go over the Good (growth in the media investment), The Bad (self-regulated), and the Ugly (Rampant Fraud, Low barrier of entry) and will teach attendees how to fix and optimize your influencer investment and what the future looks like. 


Becoming Media Ready

In this content playbook session, Chandra Gore, founder of both the Greater Northern Virginia Comedy Festival and SCM Productions’ Amazon show, “They Said What?!”, shares insights on what you need to do to make sure both you and your brand are media-ready for that next opportunity that is around the corner! 

chris dayley



How To Make Your Content Convert Using Data:  Address Changing Customer Behavior

In this content playbook session, Smart CRO’s Owner, Chris Dayley, dives into how to use A/B testing to figure out what kind of content will convert users on your website. In this session, Chris will show examples of how companies have used A/B testing on website content over the last 3 months to improve conversion rates by more than 30%, and what steps businesses can take when user behavior shifts to capitalize on those changes rather than panicking.


How To Use ONE Report In Google Analytics To Know What’s Working And What’s Not

In this content playbook session, MeasurementMarketing’s Chris Mercer provides insights and a plan on how to measure your marketing by using one report in Google Analytics to know what is working and what is not.

Christina Garnett



How Social Listening Can Empower Content Marketing Efforts 

In this content playbook session, ICUC’s Strategist, Christina Garnett, provides insight into how brand marketers can improve and empower content marketing efforts.

lisa bowman



How To Land And Deliver An Epic TEDx Talk

In this content playbook session, President of Omm Media and co-organizer of TEDxBocaRaton, Cindy Metzler, will teach attendees how to land and deliver an epic TEDx talk. In today’s world of job insecurity, more and more people are proactively seeking to brand themselves. It is also more important than ever to brand yourself as an expert and stand apart from the vast pool of candidates vying for opportunities. Having run 5 successful TEDx events and curated over 50 thought-leaders for TEDxBocaRaton, Cindy understands the do’s and don’ts of personal branding and how to not only secure a TEDx presentation, but also how to deliver an epic talk.


How To Develop Personalized Content To Drive Conversion

In this content playbook session, multi-footwear brand giant Carleres’ Technical Product Manager of Email, Corrina Cohen shares the importance of creating personalized content to drive repeat purchases to close the repeat conversion time gap.  You will learn insight that is driving strategy for brands including Famous Footwear, Sam Edelman, Naturalizer, Allen Edmonds, Vionic, and Dr. Scholl’s Shoes.


How Brands Can Work With Talk Shows

In this content playbook session, Hollywood Branded’s Paige Brody, interviews talk show The Kelly Clarkson show’s Senior Trade Out Producer Courtney Jackson on how brands can better work with talk shows. Courtney shares her thoughts from her experience gained from working on the Emmy Award wining Steve Harvey Show showcase how brands can leverage trade out partnerships as well as fee based integration deals.


How To Use Social Media To Increase Your Marketing Conversion

In this content playbook session, the Senior Director of Content and Marketing at MarketingSherpa & MECLABS Institute will share the MECLABS Conversion Sequence Heuristic – a patented framework to increase conversion based on more than 20 years of marketing experimentation – and how you can use this repeatable methodology to improve your social media and marketing results. In this session, you will learn from case studies from MarketingSherpa, tests from MarketingExperiments, and methodologies from MECLABS Institute.

Social media doesn’t always get the respect it deserves in an organization. Sometimes it is wrongly seen as just a free, fun way to drive engagement, especially with younger audiences. However, social media has the capacity to increase the probability of conversion if it is incorporated into your overall marketing strategy in a customer-first way.


stephanie duret



How To Leverage Other People’s Podcasts To Build Your Brand

In this content playbook session, founder of WOC Podcaster’s Danielle Desir will explain that you do not need to have a podcast to benefit from using this popular medium to build your brand. In this session, learn the benefits of pitching including the do’s and don’ts to pitching podcasters, simple ways to improve your pitch acceptance rate, and how to find the right shows for your message. 


How To Create New Measurable & Predictable Revenue Streams Through Profitpaths™ To Transform Your Marketing Team Into A Business Growth Team

In this content playbook session, founder and CEO of Conklin Media, Dave Conklin, will share how to create new, measurable, and predictable revenue streams through Profitpaths™. He will teach attendees how to transform your marketing team into a business growth team and will also share his business growth strategy and how to best execute it. 

stephanie duret



Creating Partnerships for Massive Success On Screen

In this content playbook session, founder of Ladder Up, David Norton, discusses what brands should be doing to create massive success on screen. 

stephanie duret



How I Create 100 Pieces Of Content From A Single Video

In this content playbook session, CEO of BlitzMetrics, Dennis Yu, will share how he creates 100 pieces of content, all from a single video. 


How To Measure The Success Of Your Product Placement On Screen

In this content playbook session, Concave Brand Tracking’s Founder & Director, Dominic Artzrouni provides insights on the importance of measuring  both the presence and portrayal of your brand in entertainment content from product placement campaigns.  Dominic will detail of the type of the data brands can look to collect, how they can best use it and examples of what this would look like.   He will also show some of the macro trends Concave’s data reveals about product placement more broadly.


Leveraging Experiential (Online, Offline, Hybrid) for Content Marketing

In this content playbook session, DPEM’s Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Dominic Phillips, will show attendees how to best leverage experiential events online, offline, and in hybrid ways, for content marketing. 


How To Write Blogs And Books That Provide The Solutions Your Customers Are Seeking

In this content playbook session, So Cal Content Writing’s Don Simkovich shares how to write blogs and books that provide the solutions your customers are seeking — using their perspective and needs. Attendees will learn how to find the questions their customers are asking, write answers, and boost the likelihood of converting inquiries to sales. Don will also cover how to take one topic and create content for blogs, books, and social media posts.


How Agencies Can Build Their Own Content Machines To Drive New Sales

In this content playbook session, CEO of Agency Management Institute Drew McLellan shares the varied options of the types of content you can make, and build off of, as well as discusses why agencies – and all businesses – need to treat themselves as a client to make content that drives sales.


How To Brand With Influencers, Straight From Influencers

In this content playbook session, lawyer and influencer Eileen Rhein will share with attendees how to brand with influencers, straight from a successful influencer! 


Topic: Panelist Session

In this content playbook session,on a panel discussing how brands can best work with influencers. More information to be shared shortly


How To Brand In The NEW Now

In this content playbook session, Brillstein Entertainment Partners’ VP of Business Development, Eliza Walper will be participating in a panel discussion alongside RAV Consulting’s VP of Marketing  and the University of California, Berkeley professor, Renae Valdes.  The two will be taking a deep dive into how brands are reacting and should be reacting to COVID-19. They’ll discuss what brands got it right, how brands are getting it wrong, and what brands need to do during this crucial time.

aj wilcox



Meme Wars: The Future of Marketing Memes

In this content playbook session, Canadian Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Gilbert-Williams shares insights on how to leverage memes in order to break through the clutter of advertising and stand out socially to your consumer base.


How Brand Should Approach Content Marketing And Earned Media Measurement

In this content playbook session, Critical Mention’s VP of Marketing Eric Lebowitz will teach attendees about the intersection between content marketing and earned media. Creating great content is imperative, but without a way to measure its impact, organizations won’t get the most out of what they create. 


How To Develop Content for People Vs Content for Google

In this content playbook session, SEMRush’s Head of Communications, Fernando Angulo, will showcase data and real cases about the different types of content that can help you gain both online visibility and people’s attention.


Neuromarketing, The Science of Purchasing Behaviour

In this content playbook session, Flavilla Fongang, the Brand Strategist and Founder of UK’s 3coloursrule, shares insights into Neuromarketing.  Flavilla will share how to use it effectively to attract and convert more prospects into customers. 


How Dell Has Used Product Placement Become The Most Popular PC Seen On TV & Film 

In this content playbook session, Dell Technologies’ Global Product Placement and Branded Entertainment, Gary Moore, shares the processes his team has used to become the most popular PC seen on TV, Film or SVOD content, and why it is a continued backbone within Dell’s marketing strategy practices.


How To Leverage A Book To Get Emails And Establish Authority

In this content playbook session, Changemakers Publishing and Writing’s Owner & Director, Gini Graham Scott shares insights into the power of writing and publishing a book. This helps to increase one’s credibility, visibility, and authority. It can be used as a promotional tool for getting clients. Chapters can be featured as blogs or as free gifts to get emails. It can introduce prospective clients to what you do so they want to hire you or partner with you.

Additional Speakers To Be Updated Shortly….


  • Blogging For Your Company + Building An Audience
  • Getting Your Book Written + Published
  • Branded Content For Advertising – Digital – Print – TV
  • Creating A Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Retail Displays + Point of Sale Materials
  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok + Twitter
  • Tools That Help
  • Webinars
  • Website – Design, Chatbots, SEO
  • + More

List of speakers

  • Advertorials
  • Digital Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Print & TV Media Press Mentions (How To Get Them)
  • Tools That Help
  • TV Advertising
  • + More!

List of speakers

  • Celebrity Partnerships
  • Co-Promotional Partnerships With
  • Entertainment Properties
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Esports
  • Celebrity Driven Event
  • Sponsorships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Music Partnerships – Festivals – Licensing
  • Podcasts – Advertising + Guest Speaking
  • Product Placement + Brand Integration In TV, SVOD, Music and Film
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tools That Help
  • Video Gaming
  • + More!

List of speakers

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