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We have experts from the world of brands, media, influencers and Hollywood joining the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit this August!   Each of our speakers is carefully curated based on their expertise and ability to teach. There are no ‘fluff’ sessions nor hard sales as part of this conference.  

Speakers Include…


Hana Bednarova



How To Make Your Brand Newsworthy Through Digital PR

In this content playbook session, Bednar Comm’s Director Hana Bednarova dives into how to make your brand get noticed by media outlets. Today, using Digital PR to create high-quality content for your brand is one of the most importance drivers to getting featured in the press. It’s so important to create great content and use it to increase brand awareness and online presence. This talk will show tips and examples of how to come up with the right content, what to do to make sure it’s newsworthy and getting it out there, featured in the press.


The Age of Authenticity: How to Be on Purpose & Change Lives

In this content playbook session, CEO and Founder of the Burgett Group, Heather Burgett, will discuss how purpose-driven business owners are illuminating, elevating, and changing lives. She believes that the more people can tap into their own purpose in a deep way, the more they can help others who need their guidance.


How To Live Your Passion And Create An Integrated Marketing Plan

In this content playbook session, HJMT PR and Media Company’s CEO, Hilary Topper, shares insights into how to live your passion and create an integrated marketing plan and implementation strategy that will allow you to do that.


Gamification & The Future Of Digital Marketing In The World Of Shrinking Attention Spans

In this content playbook session, High Q Digital’s Head of Brand Development, Hunter Scott, will teach attendees about the “gamification” of digital marketing. You’ve likely heard of the term Gamification without realizing its scope: All around us, companies have created new, often addictive ways to embed new habit loops in consumers that increase retention using game principles in non-game contexts.


How To Create Your Brand’s Blogging Strategy

In this content playbook session, Zoomin Software’s VP Customer Experiences Izabela Wisniewska shares insights on how to create your brand’s blogging strategy.  Brand marketers will learn how to increase and build brand awareness, how to catch potential customers at the very beginning of their buying cycle, and how to get PR coverage and links for SEO.


How Content Drives Inbound Marketing

In this content playbook session, Aurora University assistant professor, author and digital marketing expert, Jacqueline Babb, shares her perspectives on how content drives inbound marketing.  Jacqueline will share examples of brands getting it right, how different generations may view the same content completely differently, and the importance of having more than just a ‘build it and they will come’ strategy.  Attendees will learn not only best practices, but also what mistakes to avoid along the way.


Screw Viral: How to A/B Test Your Creative to Perform for the Long Haul

In this content playbook session, Harmon Brothers’ Creative Director and Owner, James Dayton, dives into what brand marketers need to know about A/B testing to ensure your content performs well and yields results.


How To Redefine SEO To Make It Work For Your Brand

In this content playbook session, Verve Search’s Founder and SEO Director, Jason Berkowitz, will share how to redefine SEO to make it work best for your brand. His work aims to get companies more attention and recognition via organic search routing methods. Jason’s professionalism in marketing and getting websites rated on the first page of a Google search is widely respected with well over a decade of experience.


Reframing Influencer Marketing:  How To Find The Influence In Influencer For Your Brand

In this content playbook session, Cornett’s Director of Digital Strategy, Jason Falls, shares why Influencer marketing needs reframing.  In today’s world of influencer marketing, Jason’s premise dismisses the word “influencer” and focuses on the broader “influence” marketing – to give brands and businesses a more realistic and effective guide to influencing audiences through those who affect them. 



In this content playbook session, Jason Swenk, an agency advisor and mentor, will be dicing in to discuss how attendees can replicate the incredible content marketing strategy that Jason has put in place for his business. 


Get Your Head in the Game: A Different Way to Create Campaigns

In this content playbook session, Verve Search’s Design Team Lead, Jazmin Batisti provides insight on how brand marketers can use games as part of their marketing mix. As a Digital PR firm we use several techniques to get the attention of journalists, but there’s one that we find isn’t used enough by brands: Games.  You may think games aren’t suitable for your product, but during my talk, I’ll show you several examples of how to advertise your brand and grab the attention of your audience and the media by “gamifying” your content. I’ll also explain how to take the content even further by tracking, recording, and sending the results and data for outreach.


How To Use AI To Drive Marketing Success

In this content playbook session, Market Muse’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Jeff Coyle, shares how AI can improve the focus and direction of all content throughout the funnel, helping marketers create content that the sales team and audience can’t live without. This session will cover how to apply AI-driven insight throughout the funnel, incorporate buyer intent into content plans, how to avoid publishing content that won’t get used, and how to identify gaps/opportunities in owned and competitive content.


A Look Of Purpose And Sustainability With A Gen Z Overview

In this content playbook session, Partner at Barkley and 4x Author Jeff From shares insights on the roles of both purpose and innovation in driving Brand Love® to Gen Z— and why they are the two key strategies used by brands creating meaningful differentiation and have a competitive advantage that fuels both growth and profit.  In today’s noisy market where people have instant access to nearly everything, quality products and services are no longer enough to differentiate your company or organization—your brand— from the competition. 


Managing a Cohesive and Effective Virtual Team

In this content playbook session, Chief Growth Officer of BrandedMedia.io, JeffJ. Hunter provides insight on how building successful  virtual teams can drive your business, and help you create a content marketing team.  You will learn how to build a productive “remote team” to scale your business growth, create the perfect “SOP” (Standard Operating Procedures), and how to apply the “90-10 Rule” to Automate, Delegate and Delete the 90% of your tasks that are holding you back from the 10% that are your “zone of genius”.


How to Protect Your Marketing Efforts from Costly Privacy Mistakes

In this content playbook session, Red Clover Advisor’s Founder and CEO, Jodi Daniels, will teach attendees how to best protect a brand’s marketing efforts from costly privacy mistakes. Privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, CASL, TCPA are a dizzying array of rules and acronyms. Marketers need to understand what part of the law applies to them and ensure they are complying to avoid costly lawsuits and data breaches. Marketers can actually use privacy principles to further a relationship with their customers and build long-lasting trust.


How To Use Content To Land High Ticket Customers 

In this content playbook session, The Webinar Agency’s CEO & Founder, Joel Erway, shares the fastest ways to develop content to land high ticket customers and quickly launch your brand into a six or seven figure business.


How Brands And Licensed Opportunities Will Align In The Future: Licensed Partnerships

In this content playbook session, Ahead-Of-The-Curve Products’ Creative Director, Joel Kirstein, shares his insights into how brands and licensed opportunities will align in the future to create licensed partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

john horodyski



How To Use Metadata For Content Identification And Discovery

In this content playbook session, Optimity Advisor’s Managing Director John Horodyski shares how brand marketers can leverage metadata to drive your content strategy. This informative session teaches the fundamentals of metadata, including metadata standards, best practices, and interoperability for your content strategy. The content is tailored in particular for a content strategy for those who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how metadata can be the “lifeblood” of your content system and discovery, use, and reuse.


Strategy And Tactical Plans: Integration for Total Commercialization 

In this content playbook session, HyCap Consulting’s John Rohe talks about how to integrate strategy and tactical plans for total commercialization for brands. Communication and training are at the nexus of success. A great strategy and fantastic tactical plans fail if the implementation is not completely communicated and all parts know what and how to do it.


How To Generate Six Figures In Sales In 90 Days Without Selling

In this content playbook session, Up My Influence’s Founder and CEO Josh Elledge will share how to generate significant sales through leveraging your platform and authority and will emphasize that money spent on sales and ads isn’t necessary.


How Brands Can Turn Prospects Into Clients For Life By Behind The Scenes Video

In this content playbook session, documentary filmmaker Jude Charles teaches how to turn prospects into clients for life by using video to show behind the scenes of your business and behind the scenes of who you really are. This will help attendees understand how to stand out from the sea of noise and it will help them connect with their tribe or audience on a deeper level.


How To Produce Documentary Style Stories For Your Brand

In this content playbook session, Animus Studios’ Creative Strategist and Owner, Justin Andrews, shares the steps on how to produce documentary style stories for your brand, from finding characters, interviewing them, walking away bad ideas, and nailing the best ideas.


How To Leverage Influencers To Make Brand Integrations

In this content playbook session, Sink or Swim’s and Olio’s Creative, filmmaker and director Justin Purser will teach attendees about influencer marketing and branding in documentary films and music videos, from the perspective of someone directly behind the camera.  As one of the pioneers of social media influencer marketing models, Justin shares insights on how it all started, and what is working now.


All Eyes on Sports Through Social Media

In this content playbook session, Golden State Warriors’ Senior Manager of Social Media, Karen Ramming dives into the strategy used for this massive franchise team.  The Golden State Warriors may be The Bay’s team, but online we have a global audience (the majority of our followers live outside the United States). So, when it comes to an audience such as this, our focus on organic social media content is to have a global appeal. You’ll learn how Karen and her team balance representing local flavor with a global audience through content, and how they tier and filter content ideas and creation to ensure brand feeds are tailored to every Warriors fan, no matter where they live.

gini graham scott



Learn How To Nurture Prospect Trust While Capturing Intelligence Your Sales Team Needs

In this content playbook session, KathodeRay Media’s president and founder Kathleeen McQuaid Holdridge shares how automated content can engage your prospects while uncovering their needs. Then how to take it a step further, by interpreting and communicating those needs to your sales team. This approach leads to thoughtful and personal communication with that prospect. The goal? By learning what your prospect needs and wants to purchase; your sales team can more easily convert the prospect to a customer. A win-win for both. 

michael solomon



Topic: Panelist Session

In this panel discussion, we’ll hear directly from both influencers and a branding expert on how to best curate influencer content. Straight from influencers and businesswomen, Nikki Sharp and Eileen Rhein (who is also a lawyer!), we’ll discuss how they prefer to work with brands – what works for them, what doesn’t, and what advice they have for brands looking to break into this space. Then, to add a brand perspective, we’ll hear from Keith Stoeckeler, founder of HEARTLENT Group, about his experience working with influencers from the brand side of things, what he’s seen bring brand success and what brands should avoid when working with influencers.


The Convergence Of TV and Digital Media

In this content playbook session, Ai Media Group and A Shark’s Perspective podcast host Kenneth Kinney shares insights into how brand marketers can best leverage the convergence of TV and digital media.  


How To Build Your Brand Strategy For The Long Haul

In this content playbook session, Ten Lifestyle Group’s Global Head of Brand Marketing & Communications, Kerry Anderson, shares the importance of brand building for the long of it.  With the pandemic, many companies have changed their marketing for short term gain, resulting in either damaging their long-term strategy or losing some of their customers’ emotional connections to the brand in the process.  She will share how you can ensure your entire marketing mix supports your longer term brand vision in the short of it. 


Local Warriors: Creating Authentic Brand-Community Connection Through Sports Partnerships

In this content playbook session, Bartram Partnerships’ Principal and Consultant, Kevin Bartram shares a story about the partnership between the Golden State Warriors and PG&E, the regional energy company, which involved extensive community engagement and volunteering. He and his team produced extensions that took place out in the community via social service, beautification and sustainability programs with involvement of client execs, Warriors players and elected officials. The conversation will focus on the 2016-17 season, when Bartram Partnerships was awarded the Sponsorship Activation of the Year by the Warriors, who went on to win the NBA Championship that year.  Programs involved were Called “Local Warriors” and “Hoops4Kids” which raised funds from Warriors 3-point shots to support community organizations. Attendees will benefit by learning about an authentic, meaningful program that genuinely helps under-served communities while providing a brand enhanced reputation and direct engagement with a valued audience through association with one of the most valuable and highly regarded sports brands. 


How To Change Your Thinking In Order To Become An Exceptional Marketer

In this content playbook session,  Frame of Mind Coaching™ and JournalEngine™’s President and Founder, Kim Ades shares how to change your mindset to impact your creativity and become an exceptional marketer. When we examine leaders like Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and Lady Gaga, we find a common thread. Marketers of this caliber share similar thinking strategies when developing and promoting their respective brands. During this session, attendees will take a deep look at their own thinking to determine how it is impacting their marketing results, and they will learn the thinking techniques of exceptional marketers.

kim ades



How To Promote Purpose In A Way That Makes Sense For Your Company, Your Cause, And Your Customers

In this content playbook session, Signify’s Chief Do-Gooder Kristi Porter shares insights into the process for how companies can choose a nonprofit partner or cause, and how they can communicate it in an authentic way to their customers. Today, it is even more important for companies to select the right charity charity/nonprofit/cause, whether it’s a donation or an official cause marketing campaign. The communication aspect is a delicate balance, and as we’ve seen, more important than ever. People either tend to not talk about their work, for fear of looking exploitative, or they talk about it only in light of their own heroism. There’s a middle ground far too many people miss, and Kristi will be providing attendees tips on how to do this well.


How To Develop Purpose To Ensure Your Brand’s Survival

In this content playbook session, Marketing Mojo’s Founder and Chief Mojo Officer Lisa Bowman shares why purpose is so critical to brand success right now, to both come out of Covid-19 and attract Gen Z.  


How to Create Addictive Email Content

In this content playbook session, content strategist and email marketing expert Liz Willitz shares the steps you need to know to create addictive email content.  Email marketing is more effective than ever. The world’s most successful companies rely on it. And you should too! Yet, the inbox is a crowded place. To stand out, you need to create content your subscribers can’t resist. In this session, you’ll learn how to use strategies from today’s top marketers to write emails that will get your audience to open, click, and convert. Attendees will discover how long your email content really should be, learn a little-used trick to boost your open rates, find out how to maximize your results with a few essential emails, see how the experts write irresistible subject lines, and study real-life examples of emails that get open rates above 60% and click-through rates above 30%.


How To Hire Celebrities That Share Your Brand’s Voice maybe

Artist & Brand Management Partner, Lori Sale, will speak on how to bridge the gap between brands and artists, to determine how to hire celebrities that share your brand’s voice, and the steps you need to take to figure out how to best generate content that marries both the brand’s needs and the artist’s personality.


How To Win The Content War By Pulling Instead Of Pushing

In this content playbook session, Carma Productions Founder and President Lou Carlozo shares the steps to win the content war by pulling instead of pushing.  What does this mean? For starters, your best content should not be “advertorial,” which readers/customers often see as “adversarial,” or “subver-sarial.” You’ll learn how to pull those targeted customers in by giving them what they need — and keep giving it.


How To Blog To Build Your Brand

In this content playbook session, Your People’s President and Founder, Lynne Golodner shares the steps brand managers need to know to leverage blogging to build thought leadership, SEO, and even a book.


  • Blogging For Your Company + Building An Audience
  • Getting Your Book Written + Published
  • Branded Content For Advertising – Digital – Print – TV
  • Creating A Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Retail Displays + Point of Sale Materials
  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok + Twitter
  • Tools That Help
  • Webinars
  • Website – Design, Chatbots, SEO
  • + More

List of speakers

  • Advertorials
  • Digital Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Print & TV Media Press Mentions (How To Get Them)
  • Tools That Help
  • TV Advertising
  • + More!

List of speakers

  • Celebrity Partnerships
  • Co-Promotional Partnerships With
  • Entertainment Properties
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Esports
  • Celebrity Driven Event
  • Sponsorships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Music Partnerships – Festivals – Licensing
  • Podcasts – Advertising + Guest Speaking
  • Product Placement + Brand Integration In TV, SVOD, Music and Film
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tools That Help
  • Video Gaming
  • + More!

List of speakers

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