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We have experts from the world of brands, media, influencers and Hollywood joining the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit this August!   Each of our speakers is carefully curated based on their expertise and ability to teach. There are no ‘fluff’ sessions nor hard sales as part of this conference.  

Speakers Include…



Everything To Know About Brand Funded Films

In this content playbook session, Passion Point Collective’s CEO & Founder, Marcus Peterzell, shares his insights what brands need to know if they are interested in creating branded films in order to storytell their brand.   


How To Create Sustainable Local SEO: Myth Busting

In this content playbook session, Searchlab Digital’s Founder, Mark Bealin, shares what a long-term and sustainable Local SEO process looks like. You’ll learn the importance of leveraging the right mix of strategies and tactics to take advantage of the massively – and underused, strategy.


How Marketers Can Leverage Product Content To Outperform Competitors

In this content playbook session, Zoomin Software’s VP Customer Experience Megan Gilhooly will share why product content is the new marketing. In this talk, Megan will discuss why product content created outside of marketing has become a gold mine to savvy content marketers. She’ll also explain how marketing teams can leverage a frictionless and unified customer experience with content to meet marketing KPIs. Attendees will learn what product content is and how it can become a competitive advantage, strategies for creating a unified customer experience across content silos, and how to work with technical writers and support teams to ensure product content supports marketing goals.

megan gilhooly



5 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates (and Profits) 

In this content playbook session, Founder and CEO of Rize Marketing, Melanie McMurrain shares the strategies and insights you need on how to get your email actually read. 

megan gilhooly



How To Use B2B Within Podcasting To Generate Lead

In this content playbook session, Call For Content’s CEO Michael Greenberg will provide insights on how to create and guarantee lead flow through podcasting for any business that works in B2B., while developing content creation topics and connections – which in turn will grow your authority.


How To Market To Postmodern Shoppers, Post-Coronavirus: Consumer Behavior in The New Normal

In this content playbook session, Saint Joseph’s University’s Professor of Marketing, Dr. Michael Solomon, shares insights on how the Pandemic will change our world for years after the virus disappears as well as what brand marketers need to know to navigate these unknown waters. We’ll have to rethink and modify our purchase decisions, large and small. Some disruptions in consumer/marketer relationships that already were looming will come faster and more decisively. How do we define brand value? How should companies talk to customers? How do people function in an emerging gig economy where every encounter might be fatal? How do we redefine what it means to go to work or to socialize?


How To Leverage What You Already Know To Build Your Business And Career

In this content playbook session, Prince Performance Group’s Founder Michelle Prince shares how to become a published author, in order to drive thought leadership. Becoming an author and having your own book has become a proven way to establish yourself as the expert, increase your credibility, and help you to stand out from your competition. It’s also a great way to attract speaking engagements, generate residual income, and provide a starting point for additional products. In this presentation, Michelle will share exactly how you can share your message and leverage your author status to boost your personal and professional life.


How To Drive Conversions From your Content  

In this content playbook session, SoloSegment’s Senior Strategist, Mike Moran, shares how to drive conversions from your content.  As we all shift from face-to-face to shelter-in-place,it’s clear that in-person events and in-person sales won’t be what they were anytime soon. Many companies are reporting driving more traffic to their website, but not more leads or sales. That’s likely due to your visitors not finding what they are looking for. The decreasing cost of AI technology now lets many companies create experiences like Amazon’s where excellent site search and excellent content recommendation leads to sales. Find out what you need to know to create a better customer experience to drive more value out of the content you already have. There are even ways to do it without needing any help from your technology team, so marketers that want to supercharge their existing content should not miss this session.


The Benefits Of Direct Marketing When Marketing Isn’t Social Or Word Of Mouth 

In this content playbook session, Krish Media & Marketing’s Founder & CEO Naresh Vissa shares how and when direct marketing should be the preferred approach.  

neal schaffer



How to Collaborate with Influencers in Building Your Own Content

In this content playbook session, Neal Schaffer, the Author of The Age of Influence and President of PDCA Social, discusses how influencer marketing is not just amplifying your content. By redefining who an influencer is, you will see the potential of collaborating with influences on content that is core to your brand. While it might seem counterintuitive to work with influencers to create branded content, after this presentation you will be sold on the fact that influencers are better content creators and thus should be utilized at every part of the content marketing funnel.


The Most Overlooked Ingredient In A Webinar That Converts

In this content playbook session, owner of Neil Gordon Consulting, Neil Gordon, provides a step by step walk through of some of the most overlooked – and easy to fix – ingredients in a webinar that converts.

Sharon Tourek



How to Build Transparency And Trust Through Writing

In this content playbook session, Founder Nick Usborne, of Nick Usborne, provides attendees insight on how to create solid performing copywriting, without the push and shove of traditional, broadcast sales copy.  The goal – to build honesty, transparency and trust with your consumer audience.



Adam Morgan



How To Break The Stereotype of Gender Biases Through Female Targeted Marketing

In this content playbook session, Pomp and Whimsy CEO, and trained sociologist, Dr Nicola Nice discusses how brands can better break stereotypes of gender bias by female targeted marketing.  Have you ever noticed how few hard liquor brands targeted towards women? Have you ever wondered why that is? Is it that it can’t be done, or just that it hasn’t been done well? Dr. Nice will be highlighting the do’s and don’ts of marketing to women in an industry where women still face a ton of stigma, and discuss whether the impact of so-called “gendering” in this space. 


How To Brand With Influencers, Straight From Influencers

In this content playbook session, author and influencer Nikki Sharp will teach you the ins and outs of connecting with an audience and how to set yourself apart. She will also teach you the correct things to do to increase your online presence, the 3 “C”s to Instagram, and the importance of building a brand AFTER building your audience and why that is important.


How To Develop Your Brand’s Story

In this content playbook session, Business of Story’s founder Park Howell how you can develop your brand’s story.  As a business leader, you are cranking out more content now than ever and it’s important that it converts your customers. But chances are you’re not being heard in our over-communicated world. Now, you can join a select cohort of communicators who will learn three proven narrative frameworks to connect with people and move them to action.

Learn how you can use three proven narrative frameworks including the Story Cycle System™ to develop powerful storytelling skills for everything in your business — from clarifying your brand story to engaging marketing messages to converting customers, to recruiting top talent and creating irresistible presentations and sales pitches.

paul colligan



PQ Media’s Global Product Placement Forecast 2020

In this content playbook session, PQ Media’s CEO & Founder Patrick Quinn will provide attendees with an exclusive first-look at new market intelligence covering product placement and brand integration spending, growth, key trends, market challenges and opportunities amid COVID-19 and in the post-pandemic era by country, media platform and channel for the 2014-24 period, including 2020-24 forecasts. Patrick’s presentation will draw on the latest data, analysis, charts and graphs from PQ Media’s new Global Product Placement Forecast 2020, the 8th edition in PQ Media’s groundbreaking Global Branded Entertainment Series, which is recognized worldwide as the industry’s biennial performance benchmark. Patrick will share his deep industry knowledge, keen insights and holistic media perspective to compliment profiles and rankings of the top 20 global markets, including the United States, and the largest and fastest growing markets and media channels for product placement and brand integration.


How To Create Podcast Content That Serves Your Audience: It’s Not About The Mic

In this content playbook session, The Podcast Partnership’s CEO, Paul Colligan, shares a sure-fire formula for podcast success: serve your audience.  The old adage “find a need and fill it,” still works in business, and podcasting is no exception. Success in podcasting doesn’t come from picking the right mic, distribution schedule, interviewee, hosting platform, or format; it comes as the surprisingly simple benefit of serving your audience well. Whether your audience is looking for entertainment, personal insight, business direction, or knowledge of a specific topic, if they can find it in your show, your podcast can succeed, and you will profit from it. Learn a time-proven system to serve your podcast audience that works regardless of the technology you use. Once you have this model and focus, the rest of your podcast strategy will fall into place…and the impact will follow.


How To Brand In The NEW Now

In this content playbook session, RAV Consulting’s VP of Marketing  and the University of California, Berkeley professor, Renae Valdes will be participating in a panel discussion alongside Brillstein Entertainment’s Eliza Walper.  The two will take a deep dive into how brands are reacting and should be reacting to COVID-19. They’ll discuss what brands got it right, how brands are getting it wrong, and what brands need to do during this crucial time.

rick cesari



Using Video To Increase Sales And Build Your Brand

In this content playbook session, best-selling author, Direct Response industry pioneer, and Direct Branding’s Founder, Rick Cesari, shares insights on how leveraging video can massively impact your sales while building your brand.  Attendees will receive actionable advice that works for brands of all sizes – from start-ups to billion-dollar companies, all by building Direct Response campaigns using video production that helps driving sales forward. 


  • Blogging For Your Company + Building An Audience
  • Getting Your Book Written + Published
  • Branded Content For Advertising – Digital – Print – TV
  • Creating A Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Retail Displays + Point of Sale Materials
  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok + Twitter
  • Tools That Help
  • Webinars
  • Website – Design, Chatbots, SEO
  • + More

List of speakers

  • Advertorials
  • Digital Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Print & TV Media Press Mentions (How To Get Them)
  • Tools That Help
  • TV Advertising
  • + More!

List of speakers

  • Celebrity Partnerships
  • Co-Promotional Partnerships With
  • Entertainment Properties
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Esports
  • Celebrity Driven Event
  • Sponsorships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Music Partnerships – Festivals – Licensing
  • Podcasts – Advertising + Guest Speaking
  • Product Placement + Brand Integration In TV, SVOD, Music and Film
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tools That Help
  • Video Gaming
  • + More!

List of speakers

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