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We have experts from the world of brands, media, influencers and Hollywood joining the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit this August!   Each of our speakers is carefully curated based on their expertise and ability to teach. There are no ‘fluff’ sessions nor hard sales as part of this conference.  

Speakers Include…



Dollar-A-Day Strategies for Facebook Ads

In this content playbook session, CEO of Go-Sally-Go Consulting, Sally Hendrick, discusses how to best implement “dollar-a-day” strategies for your brand’s Facebook ads. 


Brand Purpose vs. Brand Hypocrisy: How Your Company Can Truly Help the World

In this inspiring keynote, Samuel Scott, a global marketing speaker and The Promotion Fix columnist for The Drum, will present the wrong and right ways to do brand purpose and have responsible commerce. Some businesses do one-off commercials and think their jobs are done. Others hypocritically broadcast a message that is contradicted by their own internal company practices. The business world can do so much better. Samuel will show you how.


InstaBrain: How To Scale Your Gen Z Customer Base

In this content playbook session, market researcher and bestselling author Sarah Weise will teach you the new rules to engage and connect with a youth audience—without wasting tens of thousands of dollars on trial-and-error. Today, Generation Z (ages 13-25) makes up 2 in every 5 American consumers! And yet it is harder than ever to scale with this demographic that boasts an 8-second attention span and is constantly evolving and changing. These digital natives are entirely new consumers—ones that you need a fresh strategy to reach. Packed with stories and videos direct from teenagers, you’ll learn where they go, what draws them in, and what keeps them coming back! You’ll walk away empowered to shift your marketing strategy and SCALE with this new generation of consumers.


How To Promote Your Business Through Storytelling

In this content playbook session, Ask Sharifah’s founder, Sharifah Hardie dives into how you can promote any business simply by creating a story.

Sharon Tourek



How To Create A Content Strategy That Lawyers Love!

In this content playbook session, Tourek Law’s Principal, IP, and Marketing Law attorney, Sharon Toerek shares what you need to include in order to create a content strategy that lawyers love. Sharon will take you on a fast-paced tour through the top legal issues every brand should consider when devising its content marketing strategy – from copyright and trademark considerations, to regulatory hurdles for social media and influencer campaigns, to the right contracts every content marketer needs to have in place.


Fernando Angulo



Social Ad Success: Fixing Your Advertising Mindset And Launching Profitable Advertising Campaigns

In this content playbook session, founder of Making Moxie, LLC., Shauna Armitage, will walk attendees through creating successful social ad campaigns. Founders, especially early-stage founders, have big goals and a small budget to achieve those goals. Social advertising can be a smart and effective strategy in helping companies hit their growth goals faster. However, many brands will “quit” social advertising because they aren’t seeing results. And why aren’t they seeing results? Usually, because they have the wrong mindset…. they’re looking for sales instead of conversions. Switching this mindset helps founders to create more effective advertising campaigns, develop a deeper connection with their target audience, and see an actual ROI on ad spend.

stephanie duret


Louis Vuitton*

Digital Marketing & Communications Director


How To Story Tell And Position Your Brand Like A Luxury Brand

Stephane has had 20+ years of experience working in the luxury industry, including companies like LOEWE and Louis Vuitton. He possesses a passion for luxury and craftsmanship story, branding strategy and business development.

stephanie duret

Stephen Woessner


How To Use Podcasts To Open The Door To New Sales Opportunities

In this content playbook session, Predictive ROI’s Founder Stephen Woessner provides a deep dive into how to make a business podcast work for your company as a new business generator that opens the doors to access like few other sales initiatives offer.

stephanie duret


CrossWork.US – Accelerator



The Importance Of Content Marketing To Get Venture Capital Investment Interest

In this content playbook session, co-founder of CrossWork U.S. – Accelerator, Steve Ogunro, will be discussing the importance of developing a content marketing plan in order to stand out to, and gain, investor interest. 


How To Create Purpose-Driven Content To Better Connect With Your Audience

In this content playbook session, Stuart McFaul Associates Founder and President, Stuart McFaul, dives into the steps needed by brand marketers to create purpose-driven content to create higher engagement and better connect with potential customers. The value and impact of creating purpose-driven content to better connect with your audience. In a world overwhelmed by content being pushed to them every day, people are craving content that speaks from a genuine place and connects with them on a personal basis. This process is not impossible; it just takes looking at your audience and the content you create in a fresh new way.


How To Use Research To Craft More Resonate & Effective Messaging And Content

In this content playbook session, Audience Audit Founder Susan Baier shares how to use research to better craft effective content and messaging that resonates with your audience. 

Tamsen Webster



How To Build Messages People Say Yes To: Getting the Green Light

In this content playbook session, Find The Red Thread Founder, and former TedX executive prodcuer, Tamsen Webster shares how to build messages people say yes to. No matter your role, you’re often in the business of changing behavior. Often that means you need to change your beliefs first. Or, do you? What if some of the age-old wisdom around driving action actually works against creating real change? By the end of this presentation, you’ll be able to analyze your messages for the “red lights” that lead to “NO”, identify the three key concepts every message needs to get a “YES” (and know how to find them in your own), and tie those concepts to the “green lights” your brand is built on (and connect your audiences more tightly to them, too)


How to Use the Power of Writing and Publishing a Book to Demonstrate Credibility

In this content playbook session, founder and CEO of Emerald Lake Books, Tara Alemany, discusses how to best market your book and how writing and publishing a book helps demonstrate your expertise and credibility.


Pathways To Creativity 2020

In this content playbook session, Marketing and Data Association’s Head of Insight, Tim Bond, will be guiding us on Pathways to Creativity!  Topics covered will include: What creativity means to customers? How can we champion creativity and pioneering thinking throughout our industry – and beyond?  Creativity is hard to define as it is in flux. Therefore, to study its nature and shape within our industry, we looked at customers trends which helped us better understand how to engage creative consumers.  Now that isolation and social distancing has become part of our lives, creativity has become a vital part of consumers’ world. In this presentation, Tim will share the latest research from the DMA, in partnership with Foresight Factory, investigating how brands can find growing opportunity in supporting or curating moments of authentic creative activities.

There are four maxi-trends brands can look at to activate their creative customers:
– Collaboration
– Experience
– Personalisation
– Authenticity

Each trend has been sourced through a mix of both qualitative and quantitative data – customers survey, consumers discussion, conversations with experts, desk research, etc. At the end of each group of trends, practical case studies will be presented to help inspire and give tangible examples of how this trend might look in the real world.


How To Create The Right Environment For Managing Your Content: Content Governance

In this content playbook session, Crossphase’s Principal Consultant, Tim Hanse shares how to create the right environment for managing your content. While everybody creates and publishes content, not everyone knows how to successfully optimize and evaluate this content. Tim will provide insight into the secondary requirements of a fully optimized content organization.

sharifah hardie



How to Rethink and Revamp Your Inbound Marketing

In this content playbook session, owner of Top Line Results, Todd Hockenberry, shares his insights on inbound organization and ideas. He believes that companies who align their mission, strategies, action plans, and tools with the way in which buyers think, learn, discover, and purchase, will have a huge competitive advantage.


David Bowie: The Star Man With The Star Brand

In this content playbook session, author, radio presenter, and podcaster Tony Michaelides shares the impact and influence of David Bowie as a brand strategist and innovator and how his vision and ability to reinvent himself helped him sustain a career for six decades. There are many lessons attendees can benefit from when you see the impact he made in an industry not known for longevity. Bowie was both the product and the strategist and still remains the most innovative artist of our generation.


How FLIR Uses Hollywood Content And Influencers To Connect To B2B Buyers

In this content playbook session, FLIR’s Senior Manager of Strategic Communications, Vatche Arabian, will share with attendees exactly how FLIR (and tech brands like it) use Hollywood content and influencers to directly connect B2B buyers. 


Integrating Service Marketing into Entertainment Marketing

In this content playbook session, Alliance Entertainment’s VP of Marketing, Vinay Pinday shares how service marketing can be included in the film and entertainment industry from a brand and product placement. The inclusion of content is a key differentiator in the marketplace. The build of narrative storytelling that needs to be insightful and thoughtful is crucial in brand messaging. 


How To Create Your LinkedIn Brand During Disruptive Times

In this content playbook session, Vengreso’s Chief Visibility Officer, Viveka Von Rosen shares insight and actions you can take to brand on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.  While cities and states are starting to open up, some things have changed forever. How can you make the best of a work situation where digital is king, where relationships are forged, built, and fostered online? Now is the time to strengthen your brand and your message using LinkedIn!  Whether you want to create a stronger brand and message for your current career, or you’ve been forced to pivot and now need to create a new online brand, LinkedIn can help you quickly define your presence and your messaging so that you don’t skip a beat.


How Brand Should Approach Content Marketing And Earned Media Measurement

In this content playbook session, Critical Mention’s Vice President of Sales and Account Management Zack Jenkins andVP of Marketing Eric Lebowitz will teach attendees about the intersection between content marketing and earned media. Creating great content is imperative, but without a way to measure its impact, organizations won’t get the most out of what they create.


  • Blogging For Your Company + Building An Audience
  • Getting Your Book Written + Published
  • Branded Content For Advertising – Digital – Print – TV
  • Creating A Podcast
  • Email Marketing
  • Retail Displays + Point of Sale Materials
  • Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok + Twitter
  • Tools That Help
  • Webinars
  • Website – Design, Chatbots, SEO
  • + More

List of speakers

  • Advertorials
  • Digital Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Out Of Home Advertising
  • Print & TV Media Press Mentions (How To Get Them)
  • Tools That Help
  • TV Advertising
  • + More!

List of speakers

  • Celebrity Partnerships
  • Co-Promotional Partnerships With
  • Entertainment Properties
  • Movie Theater Advertising
  • Esports
  • Celebrity Driven Event
  • Sponsorships
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Music Partnerships – Festivals – Licensing
  • Podcasts – Advertising + Guest Speaking
  • Product Placement + Brand Integration In TV, SVOD, Music and Film
  • Sports Marketing
  • Tools That Help
  • Video Gaming
  • + More!

List of speakers

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