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How Brands Can Turn Prospects Into Clients For Life By Behind The Scenes Video

It’s hard to forget that one day that changes your life forever. Back in high school, a teacher recognized my talent and encouraged me to launch a video production company at the age of 17.

She even went as far as buying me my first set of business cards.

That moment gave me the courage I needed to get started.

But for the first 5 years in business, I struggled to make ends meet and wondered if I was even good enough for this kind of work.

“This couldn’t be what life should be like as an entrepreneur, right?”

But I was determined to figure it out and kept working.

Then in 2010, I produced a documentary series for Keyshia Dior and she made $1 million in 12 months.

Wait… I could do this.

For almost 15 years, I’ve been helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their stories to life through documentaries & videos.

I dig deep to find the compelling story that no one else knows & then leverage it for greater impact. I’ve been blessed to produce stories for Google, Coldwell Banker and Steve Harvey, just to name a few.

I’ve honed my storytelling craft, eventually developing my Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™ process, an advanced persuasion strategy that helps you turn skeptics into raving fans.

Today I’m honored to work with 7-figure and 8-figure entrepreneurs and have been on conference stages such as The Copywriter Club IRL in Brooklyn, New York.

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