justin andrews


Animus Studios

Co-Founder + Creative Strategist


How To Produce Documentary Style Stories For Your Brand

Justin Andrews is one of the co-founders at Animus Studios. He’s focused on delivering creative solutions to our clients as an Executive Producer, though sometimes you’ll see him jump in as a Director. Justin’s primarily responsible for planning and leading the growth of Animus.

After graduating from Bryant University, he quickly discovered the power of video marketing and began building Animus with the other founders. He’s continued to focus on connecting the dots and searching for additional waysto add-value to clients.

Through experience and by keeping a pulse on this industry, he continues to develop strategies to help brands plan, create and share fascinating stories. His goal is to help brands guide their audiences in a meaningful way.

Justin isn’t all business. He loves to travel the world with his wife, be the best dad he can be, listen to too many podcasts, try to keep his athletic nature intact, and cook without recipes. He lives outside of Boston where he loves shoveling 2 feet of snow every February and sitting on the beaches of Harwich in July.

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