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PQ Media’s Global Product Placement Forecast 2020

Patrick Quinn founded PQ Media LLC in 2002 and launched the private company into its first full year of operation on Jan. 1, 2003, following a distinguished career as an award-winning journalist, editor, market research analyst, and management consultant. Patrick has since guided PQ Media through 17 consecutive years of profitable growth and new product expansion, as it has developed into a highly respected market research, business intelligence, and strategic advisory firm.

PQ Media’s brand today is synonymous with global leadership in the delivery of actionable market intelligence and strategic guidance to executive management teams of the world’s leading media and technology organizations. PQ Media is widely considered a pioneer in the development of first-ever econometric data and analysis defining, segmenting, sizing and projecting growth across a wide range of previously unmeasured digital & alternative media, including digital out-of-home advertising, branded entertainment & product placement, content marketing, social media advertising, online &mobile marketing, brand activation, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Patrick is a sought-after industry expert, keynote speaker and thought-leader panelist across multiple digital and traditional media platforms and channels, and he’s often quoted by global news outlets and media industry publications for his unique holistic perspective, keen market insights and deep knowledge of major industry trends and key performance indicators, including AdvertisingAge, Broadcasting & Cable, BBC, CNBC, CNN, Digital SignagePulse, Inside Radio, MediaPost, The New York Times and USA Today.


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